EC Design Group, Ltd

a design company specializing in comprehensive golf and commercial irrigation design, can offer you that expertise. With over 30 years of irrigation industry knowledge and experience with 500+ projects we can prepare precise, quality documents to meet the most extreme demands. Our background in golf management, product distribution and supplier review process guarantees our clients a quality, long life project.

Our central and southern locations in the United States allows us the luxury of serving our clients promptly and efficiently. We can discuss your expectations, and develop a program to attain a cost effective design solution for your future projects.

EC Design Group, Ltd featured in On Course magazine.

"We leach the nutrients of the soil due to the improper use of irrigation."

With proper design, proper scheduling, and proper application techniques, we can preserve the quality nutrients in the soil. Environmental issues have made the irrigation design process more costly and complicated. Water conservation and energy costs are critical issues that require a thorough analysis to achieve an efficient and effective means of irrigating a site.

"Challenging and unique environmental conditions exist all over the world."

Different soils, different vegetation, different rainfall frequencies, and different micro climates make it necessary to use an expert in the irrigation industry.

"Irrigation systems are more sophisticated than the systems of twenty years ago."

We demand more from our turf grasses, we mow it closer, and we maintain it in difficult locations.